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Rosen Method International Journal

Volume 8 Issue 1 | 2015

Volume 7 Issue 1 | 2014

Volume 6 Issue 1 | 2013

Volume 5 Issue 2 | 2012

Volume 5 Issue 1 | 2012

Volume 4 Issue 1 | 2011

Volume 3 Issue 1 | 2010

Volume 2 Issue 2 | 2009

Volume 2 Issue 1 | 2009

Volume 1 Issue 1 | 2008

The Rosen Method International Journal

is intended for publications relating to Rosen Method and is meant to be inclusive of the worldwide Rosen community and of both bodywork and movement. The journal is available on-line only, and is free and open access. Each article can be read on-line or can be downloaded and printed. The journal is intended to offer a publication outlet for written articles that are longer and more in-depth than what is typically offered in Rosen Method newsletters. The journal is organized according to sections which may include the following:

  • Editorials: By invitation only
  • Original Research: Systematic peer–reviewed investigations or inquiries that reveal new knowledge about Rosen Method, using qualitative or quantitative methods; including group comparisons, pilot studies, case studies, focus groups, questionnaires, interviews, etc.
  • Education: Articles related to the teaching of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement including new teaching methods, school curricula, and continuing education policies.
  • Practice: Discussions of Rosen Method theory related to practice, the relationship or interface of Rosen Method to other professions or fields of expertise and practice, new directions in practice, reviews of scientific research related to Rosen Method practice, personal histories of being a client, practitioner or teacher, gender-based or diversity issues, working with particular populations such as child abuse, trauma, work stress, cancer and other chronic illnesses, patterns of change over a session or movement class, etc.; Critical analysis of treatment practices with the intention to find successful or unsuccessful approaches; Interviews with key practitioners or teachers concerning their view on Rosen Method and the need for changes; Discussions about scope of practice concerning treatments for different types of clients.
  • Commentaries: Short opinion pieces in response to articles previously published in the journal, or about any aspect of Rosen Method: 1500 words maximum.
  • Reviews: Reviews of books, films, DVDs and other media relevant to, but not necessarily about, Rosen Method.
  • Governance and History: Essays about the foundation of Rosen Method, about particular key figures, about the founding of schools or practices, and/or about how Rosen Method has changed over the years; articles related to the foundation and administration of RMPAs.
  • Reports from the Rosen Institute: Articles related to the global organization and governance submitted on behalf of the Rosen Institute board.

The journal is intended for the global Rosen Method community, as well as anyone else interested in Rosen Method, touch, movement, and bodywork (ranging from practitioners, teachers, interns, clients and students of Rosen Method to health care professionals, bodywork and movement professionals, and anyone else interested in the work). The journal endeavors to work with authors to ensure that their writing is intelligible to a broad audience, including clear definitions of terms and explanations that are tailored to a general readership.

Call for submissions

A new issue of the RMIJ will be published twice each year, in the late spring and late fall. On an annual basis, please use this as a guide for when to submit articles for editorial review.

Spring Issue
Submission due date: October 1 (of the prior year)
Available online: May

Fall Issue
Submission due date: March 1 (of the same year)
Available online: November

For more information, see submitting articles.

Call for commentaries

If you would like to comment on any of the articles in any previous issue of the RMIJ, to agree, disagree, or discuss, please submit a written commentary to [ ] by the deadline for each new issue, above. Commentaries should be in the form of a WORD document and no more than 1500 words in length. Please include your name, title, and if applicable, your level of certification within the Rosen community.

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